Custom calibration labels

Void remains printed onto surface once label is removed.

The word ‘VOID’ remains printed onto the surface once label is removed.

 Do you need to label your equipment after inspection?

Electrical inspection? Force testing? Temperature measurement? Pressure inspection? Dimensional verification? Torque measurement? All of our calibration and service labels can be custom-printed with your own choice of text and artwork. 

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Custom Labels Ltd print a wide range of electrical test and calibration labels. We produce standard pass labels and NICEIC installer labels daily. Any calibration label can be customised with company names, serial numbers and logos for your approval.

We have a comprehensive selection of calibration labels and tags for use in measurement, testing, assessment, visual inspection and certification. We also offer wrap-around cable labels and tags.

 Custom Labels Ltd have vast experience in manufacturing PAT labels in quantities from one hundred to one million. We can provide the service you need.

Mark your tools, instruments, meters, testers and analysers with calibration stickers in a range of durable materials.


Inspection and service labels

Our inspection labels are manufactured from tough matt polypropylene. These labels are easy to write on and are highly durable. All sizes, shapes and colours are available, printed with your own text and logo. Order your free samples today.

Hospital Electrical Safety Test Label

Inspection healthcare ‘write on’ label

Trust Medical Hospital Label

Inspection label

Electrical safety test labels

Electrical safety test labels


Test & Calibration Labels

Test and calibration labels

 certification void label

NICEIC void label



Ultradestruct vinyl  ‘Tamper Resistant’ asset labels

Asset Labels manufactured from Ultradestruct Vinyl are used by Schools, Acadamies, Colleges and Universities where tampering may be a problem.

‘Calibration Void If Seal Is Broken’ tamper seals are resistant to solvents and humidity. Made from permanent acrylic, they can be customised, printed with your own text and logo. Available in different shapes and sizes.

Our ‘tamper resistant’ inspection labels will not remove in one piece but will ‘shatter’. This draws the attention of the inspection team who will give the labelled item closer inspection. These labels are popular with companies who wish to protect their goods against tampering either before or after sale.Order your free samples today.

3M polyester asset tag

3M polyester asset tag using ultra destruct material

Calibration tamper evident label

Calibration tamper evident label


Panasonic Test & Calibration Labels

Easy to design and order online

Security seals and 'void if removed' labels

Security seals and ‘void if removed’ labels

Rockall Safety Test & Calibration Labels

Circle void label

Custom printed small void warranty sticker

Void revealed warranty sticker













Service-record labels

These very popular, ‘write-on’ labels contain fields such as Date, Next Service Due and Signature. All sizes, shapes and colours are available, printed with your own text and logo. We supply electrical contractors, car workshops and a range of calibration services with these labels. Adding your company name means customers return to the same service-providers when the next service is due. These can be designed and ordered online. Order your free samples today.

Hornbill Test & Calibration Labels

Service record label.


Honeywell Test & Calibration Labels

Service record labels in yellow

PMT Test & Calibration Labels

Red calibration label.

Write on labels for electical safety.











‘Write and Seal’ labels


Write and Seal

Write and Seal laminated custom label

The very popular, self – laminating, inspection labels are ideal for use in testing environments. Once information has been handwritten onto the label then the laminate layer will seal and therefore protect that data from tampering, cleaning, solvents or general wear. These labels are very popular in healthcare environments. Order your free samples today.

Write & Seal Labels

Write and Seal label with laminate overlay.










Metallic foil calibration labels

Printed onto 3M metallic polyester, these high – adhesive calibration labels are ideal for marking your smaller tools or equipment. All sizes, shapes and colours are available and look superb printed with your own text and logo. Many designs and sizes are available.

Warranty void silver metal label

Warranty void silver metal label











Click here for the link to the UK Government’s Calibration service for mass, length and volume.